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Fencing Options

Pressure Treated Pine

Pressure treated pine is the most affordable fence option. Built from chemically treated pine, this material is engineered to decrease the rate of wood decay and insect damage. Unfortunately, because pressure treated lumber is so inexpensive, it is prone to warping and splitting during its drying process, and may also shrink, potentially leaving up to a 1/2 inch gap between pickets.

Upgrading to steel posts will help to significantly prolong the life of this type of fence. 

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar fencing is the higher-end of the wood fence options and can be customized to fit any style. Naturally rot and insect resistant, the fence can be left to weather naturally or be painted or stained to increase its longevity. Less prone to warping and splitting than treated pine, cedar pickets may also shrink during the drying process, leaving up to a 1/4 inch gap between some boards. The option of upgrading to steel posts allows this type of fence to last even longer.

White PVC / Vinyl

Low-maintenance PVC fencing does not require any painting or staining. Light annual powerwashing helps to keep these fences looking their best. Routed systems allow for no visible fasteners between fence sections, and ensure that its beauty will last for many years to come. Available in privacy style, and 2 picket fence styles.


Chainlink fence provides security and functions as a barrier to both keep children and pets in, while keeping unwanted visitors out. Chainlink can be galvanized steel to help prevent rust, or come in a black coated system. The option of adding "privacy slats" is also available to decrease visibility into your yard and add a pop of color to your home.

Ornamental Aluminum

Ornamental fencing is great for beautifying any yard, and is made from powder coated aluminum, helping to slow any surface corrosion that can occur from the elements. It's a great option for homeowners that are not concerned with privacy, and simply want to keep their children and pets safely inside their yards. We currently only install this type of fence in 2 styles, and only in black. Please refer to the images above to see examples of the 2 styles.

Our Suppliers

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